Sociétés / M&A

Thales advises and assists domestic and international clients in corporate law and M&A operations.

Our lawyers work in close collaboration with the tax law and labor law departments in order to deal with all the legal issues and questions that a company encounters throughout its existence in a global and complete manner.

As such, these are the main services that Thales offers:

Company Law

  • Monitoring of the social life of companies and groups
  • Choice of societal structures – incorporation
  • Capital transactions – issuance of securities
  • Restructuring operations: mergers, spin-offs, partial contributions of assets, dissolutions by confusion of assets
  • Transformation of companies
  • Governance – Functioning of management bodies
  • Executive and directors' responsibilities
  • Management of intra-group relations
  • Employee shareholdings: free shares



  • Sale and acquisition of companies (advice and assistance during the whole process of the operation, negotiation and drafting of transfer agreements, legal audits etc.);
  • Sale and acquisition of businesses and branches of activity;
  • National or cross-border restructuring operations (mergers, spin-offs, contributions of universality or branch of activities, transformation of companies, etc.) ;
  • Corporate Finance: financing structure for acquisitions;


Corporate restructuring and insolvency law:

Thales advises and assists its clients in the dissolution and liquidation of companies as well as in the field of insolvency law (bankruptcy, judicial reorganization) and all related matters.

Litigation in corporate law:

While taking care to anticipate potential litigation as much as possible, Thales assists and represents its clients in all types of litigation relating to corporate law (shareholder disputes, exclusion or withdrawal actions, director(s) liability actions, proceedings for suspension and/or annulment of decisions taken by the organs of a company, litigation relating to calls for guarantees (M&A), etc.), both in the context of legal proceedings and in arbitration and mediation.

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