At Thales, we value your privacy and the protection of your personal data.

This privacy policy explains what type of data we collect, why, and how we process it and with whom we share it.

You will also be informed of your rights regarding your personal data, as well as how to contact us and how to file a complaint.

To the extent that you, as a client, may provide us with personal data from third parties, such as employees, freelancers or other contacts, we ask that you inform them of this privacy policy before sharing their personal data with us.


The legal entity that processes your personal data depends on the lawyer you have contacted and will, depending on:

  • For Thales Brussels: SCRL Thales Brussels.
  • For Thales Antwerp: the lawyer in charge of your case.
  • For Thales Namur: the lawyer in charge of your case.

You can consult the list of our lawyers on this page. You can find full details about these legal entities here. ici.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or the exercise of your rights with respect to your personal data, you can contact us by post at the address mentioned below or by e-mail at the following address: [email protected]. [email protected].


  • Your collected data may be used primarily to provide you with the legal services requested, namely legal advice, assistance in legal or arbitration proceedings, agreements, etc.;
  • Your collected data may also be used for the purpose of exchanging information with you and answering your questions (by mail, e-mail, telephone and other means) in the context of our legal services, i.e. requesting, receiving and discussing your instructions, keeping you informed of the status of your case, taking the necessary steps towards third parties, the authorities or others;
  • Your collected data may also be used to meet our obligations such as those under the Anti-Money Laundering Act;
  • Your collected data may also be used to keep you informed of recent legal news or other news related to your activities via our newsletters and invitations to our seminars, to use the information we have received to keep our database up to date and to better understand you and to improve our mail and service offers.


If you are our client, our processing of your personal data is necessary for the performance of your contract with us for the provision of legal services by Thales.

Thales also processes your personal data in compliance with its legal obligations such as, for example, the legal provisions imposed on it by the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

If you are an employee or an independent collaborator of one of our clients and if our client has designated you as a contact person, we process your personal data on the basis of the legitimate interest of our client as well as our own in order to contact you in the context of providing our legal services.

If you are a contact of our client and we have obtained your personal data through our client, for example because you are an expert, a supplier, an accountant or because you collaborate in some way with our client, we process your personal data on the basis of the legitimate interest of our client as well as our own in order to improve the organization of the provision of our services to our client.

To the extent that we have obtained your personal data in order to provide you with legal services, we believe it is also in the legitimate interest of Thales to process your personal data in order to send you our newsletters and seminar invitations. In this way, we keep you up to date with the latest legal developments as well as all relevant information about Thales, such as its working methods, new employees, areas of legal services, etc. You may object at any time and free of charge to the processing of your personal data for these purposes by clicking on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of each newsletter or invitation. In this case, we will remove you from our mailing list.


We process the following personal data:

  1. name, first name, profession, company name, company address, legal form, email address, telephone (mobile) number and fax number
  2. nationality, identity card, national registration number, VAT number, bank details, business number,
  3. linguistic preference, specific interests, memberships, sector of activity, etc.,
  4. file or company information: file information may include information about individuals.


This personal data will not be processed in a separate database. This personal data is part of files that are processed in our system.

The collection of some of your personal data may be required by law and/or necessary to enter into an agreement with Thales. Failure to provide your personal data may result in the termination of the agreement with Thales or the inability of Thales to provide its legal services.


Members of your lawyer's office have access to your case so they can process it if needed.

When the management of your case requires it, the lawyer can also share the information of your case with other lawyers and actors in the legal world.

When the handling of your case requires (procedural) action outside of Belgium, but within the European Union (EU), and provided that you and your lawyer agree, information about you collected by your lawyer may be shared with legal actors in other EU countries.


You have the right to give or withdraw your consent to the processing and exchange of your data.

  • If you give your consent today for your data to be collected and processed in your case, you can always withdraw your consent later. In this case, your lawyer will explain how your data will be deleted from your file. However, it is possible that not all data is (should be) deleted, especially data that is (can be) used in order to take the necessary legal measures or to defend your rights in court.
  • You have the right to be informed about the purposes for which your data is processed and who has access to your data. Your lawyer will tell you who will be involved in processing your case and who has access to it.
  • You have the right to ask what information about yourself has been recorded and, if necessary, when certain information is incorrect, to rectify it.
  • You have the right to receive (certain) processed and stored information about yourself in a portable and readable format.
  • Your lawyer who directly collects your data is responsible for the processing of this data.
  • Your lawyer has a duty to ensure that your data is handled and stored securely and to inform you immediately if the security of your data is breached or if your data is lost.
  • If you are concerned about the way your data is processed, you can contact your lawyer or the Privacy Commission directly: Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels, Tel: 02 274 48 00 ou [email protected]>.


I. Processing of personal data in the context of the legal mission you have entrusted to us

We process your personal data for as long as necessary to carry out the legal mission you have entrusted to us. When our contractual relationship ends, we retain this personal data for as long as required by tax, accounting or other legal requirements.

II. Processing of personal data for “direct marketing” purposes

We will continue to process your personal data to keep you informed of the latest legal news relevant to your business via Thales newsletters and event invitations as long as you do not object to the processing of your personal data for these purposes. If necessary, we will immediately remove you from our mailing list. This will not affect the processing by Thales of your personal data for the purpose of providing our legal services.