An overview of noteworthy deals and cases handled by THALES

  • Thales Tax successfully negotiated with a Belgian bank the non-application of the anti-abuse measures for the new Belgian tax on securities accounts applied to a conversion of securities into registered shares. This involved significant participations in a French family-owned company (Valérie-Anne de Brauwere)
  • Thales Tax analyzed the compliance of insurance products offered by a Belgian insurance company to multinational clients with respect to the notion of “special mechanism” (new circular of the National Bank of Belgium) (Valérie-Anne de Brauwere)
  • Thales Commercial assists a retailer of food products in the context of the takeover of a competitor and provides strategic advice regarding competition law issues, including the exchange of information (Grégory Sorreaux).
  • Thales Commercial represented successfully an importer of food products in a legal dispute against the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC). The court decision condemns the FASFC to pay all damages suffered by the food importer as a consequence of illegally seized products (Grégory Sorreaux)
  • Thales Corporate advised Phicap Group in its acquisition of a participation in EuroCapital Property Investors which will become the Capital department of the Phicap Group ( (Alexis Wochenmarkt)
  • Thales Corporate advised Obelis Group, a group specialized in providing EU related regulatory services, in its acquisition of Sync Projects Ltd. a consultancy company operating in the Israeli regulatory domain of medical devices & cosmetics (,been%20acquired%20by%20Obelis%20Group) (Alexis Wochenmarkt)
  • Thales Litigation represented an international airline in front of the Belgian Constitutional Court in relation to fines imposed by the Belgian Government for transport of passengers not carrying all necessary ID documentation but who can otherwise establish their EU citizenship (Alexis Wochenmarkt)
  • Thales Corporate and Litigation successfully represented a US minority shareholder in an exclusion procedure in front of the Brussels court (Alexis Wochenmarkt)