A quarterly overview of noteworthy deals and cases handled by THALES

  • THALES Employment successfully defended a ban on wearing ostentatious signs at work before the Brussels Labour Court. The Court confirmed the validity of the ban considering that it does not constitute religious discrimination for female workers wishing to wear the headscarf (Marie Michaud-Nérard and Maïté Rowies).
  • THALES Employment has successfully assisted a large company active in the gas sector in defending its interests against acts of unfair competition by a former worker. The Court of First Instance awarded a daily penalty payment of EUR 2,000 to be paid by the employee (Maïté Rowies and Marie Michaud-Nérard).
  • THALES Employment assisted a large French retailer of furniture and decorative objects in its personnel management during the coronavirus crisis in Belgium involving 400 employees (Marie Michaud-Nérard and Maïté Rowies).
  • THALES Commercial represented successfully a large bailiffs’ practice in a dispute against a national broadcasting channel due to the broadcast of a program that damages its honor and reputation and obtained damages and an order to insert a warning in the program mentioning that the channel breached its legal obligations (Grégory Sorreaux)
  • THALES Corporate assisted the Brussels Beer Project in securing the entry in its capital of the investment fund Invest for Jobs. This capital round involved aligning the interest of the founders, historic shareholders and the investment fund. The operation will help fund the construction of a new brewery in Brussels. At the same time Thales assisted in putting in place a stock option plan allowing employees to participate in the Brussels Beer Project (Alexis Wochenmarkt).https://www.linkedin.com/posts/brussels-beer-project_un-nouvel-%C3%A9crin-%C3%A0-6-millions-d%C3%A8s-2021-pour-activity-6664417784090419201-zsdh
  • THALES Tax assisted the founding family of Nutripack Ecocup group, a leading packaging manufacturer for the food industry, with the acquisition of a minority stake by Ardian, one of the world leaders in private equity. This so far family-owned business led by Philippe Berthe employs approximately 680 people in seven European countries and Canada and has eight production sites. (Valérie-Anne de Brauwere)