A quarterly overview of noteworthy deals and cases handled by THALES

  • Thales Corporate and Tax assisted a Luxembourg group in the acquisition of three companies owning hotels located in Belgium, followed by a sale and lease back of real estate assets with a major French group (Justine Polchet & Rodolphe Horion).
  • Thales Tax  assisted a family in the sale of a property held by a family company and in the resulting cash outflow planning. (Valérie-Anne de Brauwere)
  • Thales Commercial is assisting the European leader in B2C delivery of parcels in multiple proceedings regarding the launch of a competing company in breach of a non-compete clause with possible use of trade secrets (Grégory Sorreaux and Matthieu Pierre).
  • Thales Commercial is assisting a company active in the cosmetics sector in multiple trademark opposition proceedings before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (Grégory Sorreaux and Matthieu Pierre).
  • Thales Corporate and real estate assisted Phicap (https://phicap.be/) in its acquisition of Amirato S.A. Amirato is an independent consultancy in real estate and construction with extensive experience in health care, education, urban development, housing and public procurement. This acquisition further strengthens Phicap’s position on its market (Alexis Wochenmarkt) https://www.linkedin.com/posts/phicap_press-release-fr-nl-activity-6595242044279652352-y2dM
  •  Thales Employment  assisted several clients (including the logistics, pharmaceutical and retail sectors,…) with the launch of the social elections procedure. (Marie Michaud-Nérard and Maïté Rowies)
  • Thales Employment  assisted a client active in the pharmaceutical industry in the context of the departure of several protected workers, employee delegates(Marie Michaud-Nérard and Maïté Rowies).