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Food labelling and language requirements: a disturbing new law

In what language must the mandatory information on food packaging appear in Belgium, a country which has three national languages? Is it sufficient to mention them in a language that is easily understood by the consumer? Or should they appear in one or more languages depending on the linguistic region where the products are placed on the market? A [...]

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Food law: Wat zijn mijn rechten en plichten? – Comeos

Our partner Grégory Sorreaux spoke at the seminar organized by Comeos, the Belgian Federation of Commerce and Service, on the liability of operators in the food sector. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive a copy of the slides used during the event. 

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Deals and Cases

A quarterly overview of noteworthy deals and cases handled by THALES’ partners Deals and Cases Le département Commercial assiste un leader mondial dans la fabrication de profilés en aluminium dans le cadre de diverses procédures judiciaires relatives à des violations de leurs droits de marques et de brevets par des concurrents. (Grégory Sorreaux, Partner) L’équipe Tax [...]

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Review of Belgian food legislation: a first Royal Decree adopted

The free movement of foodstuffs within the EU is of major importance. But food legislation is only partly harmonised at EU level. Currently, national laws regulating the manufacture and marketing of certain categories of food are particularly numerous. These rules usually regulate the name of the food, which may only be used when the legal definition is met. However, the [...]

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