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A new directive combatting unfair commercial practices in the food retail sector

The commercial practices of major food retailers have already been the subject of much discussion. The European Commission estimates that their abusive practices would cost agricultural and agri-food SMEs between €2.5 and €8 billion each year. For the first time, a European directive aims to put an end to certain practices considered unfair. Context and objectiveOne year after [...]

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THALES BRUSSELS RECRUITS - LAWYER IN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND COMMERCIAL LAW THALES is an independent law firm, based in Brussels, Namur and Antwerp and is part of an international network. THALES BRUSSELS advises and assists business actors through its integrated IP & Commercial, Tax, Labour & Employment and Corporate & Finance departments. We understand our clients’ needs and [...]

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Major change in the regulation of B2B relations- abuse of economic dependence and unfair terms between companies expressly prohibited

Starting from the observation that the current provisions of the Code of Economic Law would not make it possible to ensure an effective level of protection for companies in a position of weakness or even economic dependence on other companies, the Belgian legislator adopted on 21 March 2019 a new law introducing three sets of new rules into the [...]

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Ambush marketing : too smart to be good ?

Ambush marketing : too smart to be good ? «If you are travelling to Lillehammer, you'll need a passport, but you don't need a visa». This ad by American Express at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Games, sponsored by Visa, was the first example of ambush marketing. More recently, we can mention Usain Bolt who wore his Puma shoes around the neck [...]

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Nespresso’s weakening

Nespresso capsules : what else…than the end of IP protection  ? In 1986, food giant Nestlé revolutionized the world of coffee by introducing the Nespresso machine and premium portioned coffee, making it possible for every consumer to have an espresso at home. Since then, Nestlé used all the available means to protect its invention from its competitors and tried [...]

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Deals and Cases

A quarterly overview of noteworthy deals and cases handled by THALES’ partners Deals and Cases Le département Commercial assiste un leader mondial dans la fabrication de profilés en aluminium dans le cadre de diverses procédures judiciaires relatives à des violations de leurs droits de marques et de brevets par des concurrents. (Grégory Sorreaux, Partner) L’équipe Tax [...]

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Deals and Cases

A quarterly overview of noteworthy deals and cases handled by THALES’ partners Thales Commercial assists, together with our partner firm in EU competition matters, a major airline in several unfair market practice cases (Alexis Wochenmarkt, partner). Thales Employment has successfully assisted a client confronted to a discrimination claim based on the prohibition to wear the Islamic headscarf [...]

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Crowdfunding and Renewable Energy Sources

Alexis Wochenmarkt contributed the Belgian section of the “2015 Review of Crowdfunding Regulation & Market Developments for RES project financing in the EU”. The report was coordinated by CROWDFUNDRES ( an organization seeking to unleash the potential of crowdfunding for financing renewable energy projects. This report received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. [...]

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Crowfdunding in Belgium: The 2014 report

1. Recent developments in the market of Crowdfunding in Belgium During the last 12 months there were the following significant developments in Belgium regarding Crowdfunding: The most important development in the Belgian Crowdfunding market is the adoption of specific legislation which broadened the prospectus exemption for public Crowdfunding offers. It is too early to already assess the impact of [...]

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