THALES assists and advises its clients on commercial practices, distribution (franchise, agency contracts, concessions, etc.) and consumer protection at a preventive stage or within the framework of litigation. It also assists manufacturers, distributors and importers with the negotiation and drafting of all types of commercial contracts.
THALES assists its clients with the drafting, negotiation and conclusion of civil and commercial contracts and the settlement of disputes that may arise from such contracts.
THALES has a strong team specialised in company law that advises a number of small and medium-sized entreprises as well as large corporations. Thales also assists directors and officers with issues relating to the day-to-day management of companies and, their development as well as with potential internal and external conflict situations.

In addition to offering assistance with the many legal formalities inherent to the business world (board of directors, general meetings, dissolution, etc.), THALES provides support for its clients’ development and restructuring operations (mergers, acquisitions, demergers, etc.) or share transactions (sale of shares, options, etc.).

Settlement of internal disputes within companies and company liability issues  are also part of THALES’ daily practice, whether at a preventive stage or in the context of litigation.

THALES has several partners at its different offices who have extensive experience dealing with firms in difficulty, particularly through the exercise of different judicial mandates such as interim administrator, liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy.

They advise companies and their directors faced with economic difficulties, with respect to their prospects for recovery and restructuring and with a view to safeguarding their liability.

THALES has advised a number of financial institutions for many years. It consequently has solid experience in business financing (financing of acquisitions and restructurings). Its lawyers also have a considerable degree of experience in secured claims and rights and bank credit.
THALES assists its clients with criminal procedures related to economic and financial offences.

It acts on behalf of accused persons and enterprises as well as injured parties.

THALES handles all aspects of real estate transactions. It advises its clients, promoters and investors in the structuring, negotiation and drafting of construction contracts or commercial real estate contracts.

It also has lengthy experience with leases and litigation in the field of real estate.

THALES assists and advises its clients in several important areas of public law, including municipal law, civil service law, expropriation law, etc.

 Its actions involve both preventive assistance and, if needed, the lodging of administrative or legal appeals, particularly before the Council of State or the Constitutional Court.

THALES has several recognised specialists in the different branches of law that govern our environmental and urban settings. The legal approach in this area is cross-cutting and differentiated according to regions. With its multidisciplinary and interregional nature, THALES is perfectly able to deal with the finer points of this field of law.

As in most other branches of law, THALES’ specialists are able to assist their clients both upstream and downstream from administrative decisions: determination of the city planning or environmental context, contacts and negotiations with the administrative authorities, support with applications for administrative permits, and administrative and legal appeals.

THALES assists and advises its Belgian and international clients, both legal persons and natural persons, in all work-related issues: labour law (individual and collective) and social security law (Belgian and foreign).

Individual labour law deals with all matters related to implementation of employment contracts (hiring, termination of contracts, etc.). Collective labour law deals with relations between workers’ representatives and the employer, the organisation of workplace elections, restructuring operations, collective conflicts, etc.

THALES also handles cases related to criminal social law.

THALES advises its clients in the different areas of national and international taxation.

It handles all aspects of tax law (direct and indirect taxation) such as corporate taxation, taxation of natural persons, insurance taxation, taxation of acquisitions, real estate taxation, planning of successions and value added tax (VAT).

THALES also handles major tax litigation.

THALES assists and represents its clients in the various areas of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, etc.), information technology and networks (e-commerce, data protection, etc.).

Thales has a strong expertise in the field of food law and assists its clients in labeling and advertising matters, product recalls, compliance with hygiene standards, commercial distribution and litigation.